Our aerator decanter makes it possible to de-clutter your bar or kitchen, save time & enjoy delectable glasses of red or white wine.
Powered by 4 AAA batteries, the electric wine dispenser machine brings your tasting & sipping experiences into the modern age.

? FULL ELECTRIC – Quickly & Easily Decants, Aerates & Pours Wine Straight Into Your Glass
Stop messing around with separate wine essentials. Save some time & hassle by pouring with our decanting wine aerator spout!
Charged up & powered by (4) AAA batteries, the wine aerator pourer stopper pours a glass of great tasting vino in just seconds.

? PORTABLE SIZE – Easy to Pack & Carry Around – Perfect Choice for Traveling Wine Lovers
Frequent festivals, tastings or taster parties with your wine-loving friends? Take our electric wine pourer with you! Ready to put
on a spectacular pouring show, this 2-in-1 wine aerator & decanter will surely impress even the pickiest sippers, guzzlers & tasters.

o Eliminates Smells for Ultimate Freshness
Aerating wine with air eradicates foul odors left behind. The aromas pop & the tannins burst in your mouth with every single sip!

o Lessens Acidity to Reduce Bitter Taste
Aerating with our electric wine aerator dispenser ensures you’re drinking nothing but the best. Aerated wine goes down smooth!

Since it takes care of the pour from start to finish, there’s no need for any extra wine drinking tools. Designed to look like a vintage
wine barrel, the aerator machines are the hottest wine gifts of the year. Give them as Christmas, birthday, retirement or wedding gifts.

Product Features

  • ALL-IN-ONE AERATOR, DECANTER, POURER: Designed to serve as an air aerator, an electric wine decanter & a wine pump that quickly delivers a flavorful pour, this unique aerator tank is one of the BEST wine accessories!
  • FAST ELECTRIC WINE AERATING & POURING: Since it’s electronic (requires 4 AAA batteries), the mini bottle aerator wine pourer allows you to quickly, efficiently & cleanly pour a glass of your favorite red or white wine.
  • SIMPLE & EASY PUSH BUTTON ACTIVATION: All you have to do is push the touch button to activate the aerator faucet. It’s like having your own personal wine aerator tap. Have as much vino or as little vino as you would like!
  • SMALL, COMPACT, TRAVEL-FRIENDLY TOOL: Measuring 10.5″ x 3.9″, our electric wine decanter aerator is small enough to go with you to wine parties, festivals, tasting events & more. It’s the wine enthusiast travel must-have.
  • #1 WINE LOVER GIFTS FOR MEN & WOMEN: When it comes to picking an ideal wine accessories & gifts, this battery-powered wine aerator electric pour spout makes a fine selection for men & women wine enthusiasts.

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