The Coravin Needle Kit contains a selection of wine needles designed for the Coravin Wine System, to ensure you are prepared for any bottle or situation. The kit includes a Coravin Vintage Needle, A Coravin Fast Pour Needle, a Coravin Standard Needle and a needle clearing tool. The Vintage Cork needle is a thinner needle and is designed for the older vintage bottles in your collection that may have a fragile cork. The Faster Pour needle has a wider diameter and is designed to provide a quick pour (about 24% faster than the standard needle) from bottles with corks that are in good condition. The Standard Needle is a replacement needle for what was initially included with the Coravin System. All Coravin wine needles are stainless steel and special coated, providing durability and easy insertion over hundreds of pours.

Product Features

  • Ability to access vintage wines with fragile corks
  • Ability to pour roughly 24% faster
  • Provides replacement for Standard Needle
  • Made of stainless steel and special coating providing durability
  • One (1) Standard Needle, one (1) Vintage Needle, and one (1) Fast Pour Needle in a box

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