Behold a new, unique, fun, forward thinking and innovative gift set,
which takes the simplest of habits - opening a wine bottle - to best
artistic levels, and offers an amazing enthusiast experience, while
being a preserver of old traditions and culinary values! This truly is

Man or Woman, The 4 themed Luxury Wine Accessories will best cater for
each of the 4 steps taken when opening and serving a wine bottle:
removing the foil with the sharper Foil Cutter, extracting the cork
with the Two Prong Wine Opener, pouring and aerating the red wine with
the Wine Whispering tool, into the vino glass, and finally extracting
the air out of the bottle with the drinkers or waiters Stainless Steel
Vacuum Pump which also serves as an airtight cover for the bottle and
has a marking that helps you remember the date on which you opened it!

The funny screwpull corker is better than electric or cordless, as the
dollars you spend will cast lights on your Houdini image – able to pop
the cork perfect as a true wine lover!

Product Features

  • The sleek and transparent Foil Cutter – to safely remove the foil which covers the top of the bottle;
  • The traditional Two Prong Cork Puller – an amazing accessory that allows for an easy removal of the cork, while preserving it;
  • The fast flowing Aerator & Pourer – this beautiful masterpiece will open up the bucket of your wine while Whispering it’s music – make sure you listen to it;
  • The high accuracy Stainless Steel Vacuum Pump – a gadget tool that extracts the air out of the wine bottle in order to make sure the taste stays the same for longer;

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