Pinot Noir, or Burgundy as it is known in France, is fast becoming one of the most sought after red wines by wine connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts alike.

Pinot Noir wine is unfortunately for the winery very difficult to make, and even more complicated to produce sensational wines. However once you first consume an extraordinary Pinot Noir it then turns into a journey to then find another and another. For some Pinot Noir becomes an addiction! That claim could be too strong I think, perhaps more an obsession for Pinot Noir would be correct. And, to satisfy that obsession having the best glasses for tasting Pinot Noir is very important, to be able to know all of the multiple complexities that a good or great Pinot Noir can release to your senses.

The mystique and degree of difficulty to produce fantastic Pinot Noir has caused this rapid increase in Pinot Noir demand internationally. The French technique of assimilating a number of Pinot Noir wines to then produce a finished wine generically described as Burgundy (all of the Pinot Noir is required to be grown and made in the Burgundy region to be labelled as such) has in many regards been surpassed by the New world wineries of New Zealand, Australia, and USA of course, all of whom are making stunning single vineyard Pinot Noir wines and are having prominent success at wine competitions and in wine sales.

In my opinion Riedel Pinot Noir glasses are the best glasses for drinking Pinot Noir. They are perfectly shaped to deliver the Pinot Noir to your palate so that the wine hits the taste buds that are bestsuited to receive the flavor. The crystal used is of ultra hi-grade quality and gives you an unobstructed view of the multiple colors of the wine, which you may well be aware can unleash a lot about the quality of Pinot Noir.

The fact that wine connoisseurs, wine industry professionals, and serious wine enthusiasts so frequently utilize Riedel red and white wine glassware is an endorsement of their market leadership as the best wine glasses for tasting Pinot Noir. Serious wine tasters on some occassions could be tasting several hundreds of wines over a period of a short time. They base their reputations on the requirement to be able to identify all the flavors they can, immediately they taste a Pinot Noir wine.

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