From the way it feels in your hand to the way it rests on your table, the Libbey Signature Kentfield Estate 4-piece All-Purpose Glass Set possesses a singular beauty. Known as the finest American-made stemware on the market, the Signature family attains unprecedented levels of brightness, clarity, and resilience via a revolutionary glassmaking process. And thanks to its perfectly balanced, versatile design and classically elegant shape, the Kentfield line was named as one of the best by the New York Times. Start by admiring this generous wine glass’s steadfast, stable foot, which keeps it poised confidently on your tabletop. Then, as you lift the glass, you’ll caress its smooth pulled stem and appreciate the seamless transition to the elegantly tapered bowl. Finally, touch your lips to the finely honed rim and complete your sensual journey. With this one all-purpose glassware set, you can enhance the flavor, aroma, and appearance of every wine--white, red, sparkling, ros?, and fortified--and bring luxury into your life at a great value. For that reason and many more, Signature Kentfield has been acclaimed by professional winemakers, sommeliers, and wine critics.

Product Features

  • Finest American-made stemware on the market; ClearFireTM glass thinner, stronger, brighter; reinforced flat foot for extra stability; pulled stem for solid, seamless transition to large bowl; laser-cut rim for beadless, chip-resistant edge
  • Versatile all-purpose design enhances red, white, and sparkling wines alike, evoking luxury at a great value; named best wine glass family by the New York Times and acclaimed by numerous connoisseurs, experts, and consumers
  • Durable and dishwasher safe for quick, easy cleanup; to help preserve your glassware, please refer to our general glass handling guidelines
  • Made lead-free in the USA
  • Includes 4, 16-ounce all-purpose red or white wine glasses

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