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Almost perfect. If you were to ask any of my friends, I go with a iced cold drink in my hand all the time. I put ice in it at 8am and there was about a third of the ice left in it at 8am the next morning, 24 hours! I can not say how it does with hot drinks; my wife has used it with coffee and says it isn’t as great but she believes it is due to the lid. I would recommend this tumbler to anyone that likes cold drinks with ice. There are a lot of scientific reviews on here about melting temps and times and such,…

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Vino Veritas
Great movie with some surprising and unexpected depth. I don’t think there was a rating on this, but the (usual yet still unnecessary) F-bombs were present, suggesting an R rating. The movie follows two couples who take a “truth serum” and are unable to lie (to each other or to others) until the effects wear off. The hubster and I truly enjoyed this movie. It starts out quite slow, but in the long run, it makes you think about topics you might not have thought about and reconsider…

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