If only the French make true champagne, it’s only natural that the French company Le Creuset has designed a champagne opener extraordinaire. This compact tool slips into the notches left in the cork after the wire cage is removed. One little twist and the cork slides out of the bottle–under the control of the star, it can’t go flying out of control. For New Year’s or wedding celebrations, or for the connoisseur who knows that there’s always reason to celebrate, the champagne star is an essential accouterment.

Product Features

  • Champagne star effortlessly uncorks champagne and sparkling wine bottles
  • 4-pronged design loosens/captures pressurized corks with a simple twisting motion
  • Eliminates the danger of flying corks; latches securely to any cork
  • Smoothly rounded edges ensure comfortable use; sturdy metal construction
  • Measures approximately 3 by 3 by 5-1/2 inches; 10-year limited warranty
  • Measures approximately 3.9 IN 4.5 IN 2.0 IN

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