Set of four wine glasses that are modern, elegant, functional, and fun! Luigi Bormioli Prestige (Atelier) stemware is machine blown in Parma Italy, made in Luigi Bormioli's proprietary SON.hyx material. SON.hyx produced glassware is an exciting fusion of elegance and technology. Glassware made in SON.hyx is extremely brilliant in color, has a beautiful sound, maintains its clarity after thousands of industrial dishwashing cycles, and possesses an extremely high level of durability and strength.With a relaxed but hearty manner, Luigi Bormioli Prestige (Atelier) stemware makes an engaging accompaniment to both traditional and contemporary entertaining. The collection offers pure lead-free crystal construction shaped into simple geometric bowls that curve out from smooth rims to a wide point below the middle before turning back in to rest on slender stems. Applied to the wine glasses, the look is both aesthetically appealing and purposefully designed to enhance the unique personality of each vintage and variety. This set of four 23-3/4-ounce Cabernet/Merlot glasses specializes in the robust, fuller bodied red wines with its tall sides and generous shaping that encourage the proper oxygenation. Like the rest of the Luigi Bormioli Prestige (Atelier) series, the set combines the latest glass-finishing innovations with old-world Italian artistry to achieve superior, lasting quality. As a modern convenience, the glasses are sturdy enough to go into the dishwasher between uses. –Kara Karll

Product Features

  • Made of SON.hyx break-resistant glass
  • Will retain ultra-clear brilliance thru 4,000 dishwashing cycles
  • 23 3/4-ounce capacity
  • Made in Italy
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Luigi Bormioli Prestige (Atelier) 23-3/4-ounce Cabernet/Merlot glasses by Luigi Bormioli
  • Luigi Bormioli’s proprietary material called SON.hyx allows the glasses to be extremely break resistant and transparent.
  • 25 Year Guarantee! The guarantee covers chipping on the rim or foot as well as any discoloration or cloudiness resulting from dishwashing.
  • Innovative glassmaking techniques produce perfectly smooth rims and edges
  • Dishwasher-safe; made in Italy

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