Bring your wine or favorite beverage along with the PortoVinoTM Wine purse that secretly holds a removable and replaceable reservoir with pouring spout. A beautiful fashion accessory that can be used with or without the reservoir. The PortoVinoTM Wine Purse allows you to bring the party along! This fashionable wine purse is designed to carry all of a woman’s essentials including the essential drink on the go. The unique patent-pending hidden zippered insulated side pocket holds a party pouch which will hold and pour your favorite beverage. Each purse comes with a party pouch which acts a reservoir with a spout to hold and pour up to 2 bottles of wine or 1.5L of your favorite beverage. The backside of the PortoVino wine purse has a stylistic button flap that when opened will provide access to the pouring spout so you can easily pour on the go. This durable synthetic leather bag has sturdy shoulder straps for easy, comfortable carrying. The inside has an elegant black and white polka dotted lining. There is a spacious main compartment to hold a wallet and all the necessities. A great way to keep everyone hydrated – girlfriends, husbands, and kids! (wine/water/gatorade/juice of course!).

Product Features

  • PortoVinoTM is designed with a secret insulated compartment that holds a removable 1.5 liter reservoir for your favorite wine or beverage. (Patent Pending)
  • The PortoVinoTM is made of red synthetic leather with a sturdy black shoulder strap and gold accents. Inside is a stylish black polka-dotted cotton interior.
  • The original PortoVinoTM wine purse! Designed as a true fashion purse elegant inside and out. It is only once you unzip the secret interior pocket that its dual function is revealed.
  • Portovino’s exterior flap conceals the pouring spout until you are ready to pour your beverage. A great way to keep everyone hydrated – girlfriends, husbands and kids (water/gatorade/juice of course!)
  • A removable Party Pouch with pouring spout accompanies each PortoVinoTM. There is a large main compartment to hold a wallet and all necessities, along with 2 side pockets to hold cell phone, keys and other personal items.

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