PortoVino Wine Purse (Navy)

Bring your wine along with the PortoVino Wine purse that secretly holds a removable and replaceable wine bladder with pouring spout.

Product Features

  • The portovino is made of synthetic leather with gold accents. Inside is a stylish black polka-dotted cotton interior.
  • There is a large main compartment to hold a wallet and all necessities, along with 2 side pockets to hold cell phone, keys and other personal items.
  • Portovino is designed with a secret insulated compartment that holds a removable 1.5 liter bladder for your favorite wine or beverage.
  • Portovino’s exterior flap conceals the pouring spout until you are ready to party.
  • The PortoVino sophisticated wine purse allows you to bring the party along.

2 thoughts on “PortoVino Wine Purse (Navy)

  1. This is a nice quality handbag without even considering it has a hidden … This is a nice quality handbag without even considering it has a hidden compartment to store a bottle of wine. The description says will hold 2 bottles, but there is only 1 cooler compartment and 1 disposable pouch included. I guess you would have to take the 2nd bottle and carry in the purse. (Not like I’ll need 2 bottles of wine for a day trip away from home, though.) Also, considering the liquid weight while carrying a bottle equivalent of wine, I would have liked the straps to be wider…

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  2. I love it! I love it! But first, the bad. It does arrive very stinky. It has a very strong chemical smell. I sprayed it on the inside with fabreeze and aired it outdoors for two days and the smell did not go away. However, the smell will fade with more time. And the smell in no way affected the taste of my wine. So ok, I guess it is what it is.Now the good. I was able to fit TWO bottles of wine in the bladder provided. No leaking. And, if cleaned and dried out properly, you might even be able…

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