At Last, The Most Durable Yet Elegant Stemless Wine Glasses Have Just Been Released! Wine Lovers Wait No More!

Tired of cheaply made wine glasses? Worry about fragile drinking glasses? Looking for stylish yet ergonomic stainless steel tumblers?

If so, then you should keep on reading. Designed with your best interest at heart, these stemless glasses are here to stay!

Add a set in your kitchen arsenal today and surprise your guests at the next wine tasting gathering!

Preserve Coolness For Much Longer With A MosesMo Stainless Steel Wine Glass

Whether you are a diehard wine fan or just enjoying the occasional wine every once in a while, this set is an absolute must!

You can now enjoy your tasty and rich in flavor wines, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Malbec, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, S?millon, and so many more.

These modern glasses are perfect for cocktail nights, camping adventures, theme parties, and birthday celebrations.

Their excellent craftsmanship will preserve coolness for much longer and enhance all the rich wine aromas!

Still Not Sure If These Stemless Wine Glasses Are The Right Ones For You?

o Premium quality stainless steel wine glasses. Smooth lip for easy drinking!

o Unbreakable and shatterproof glasses. No more mess and glass fragments on the floor.

o For white, ros?, red and black wine – champagne, cocktails, drinks, sodas, alcoholic beverages and whiskey.

o Keep drinks chilled for much longer. Perfect for camping, outdoor RV trips or picnics.

o Large 18 Oz capacity! More wine, more fun!

o Sleek, classy and cool design glasses. For any kitchen bench or bar table!

What are you waiting for? Get yours today, while supplies last!

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Product Features

  • DRINK IN STYLE FROM NOW ON: These stemless wine glasses are created from high quality stainless steel and will surely compliment every kitchen table. Hold one in your hands today and enjoy your favorite red or white wine like never before! Save space inside the cabinets thanks to their stemless design. So long bulky wine glasses!
  • NO MORE GLASSES SHATTERING: Forget all about cheaply made wine glasses that would crack open so easily. Stop worrying about breaking these glasses as well. They are created from ultra-resilient stainless steel! Their shatterproof and unbreakable nature won’t create a mess around! Protect your hands and your beloved ones!
  • CHOOSE THE COATING YOU LIKE: Our stemless wine glasses come in 2 sets, a set of 2 and a set of 4. Choose the right one for you or make a thoughtful gift to a wine enthusiast friend! Select the finish of preference as well. Would you rather go for the matte finish or the shiny one? Tough call, right? You could just get them all!
  • SO MUCH MORE THAN WINE GLASSES: All of our stemless glasses have a sturdy base for safe drinking experiences. You can pour inside your favorite Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, Chardonnay, Merlot, Moscato or any other wine. Ideal for champagne, cocktails, juices, beverages, sodas, beer, and other drinks that come in mind!
  • GET THESE DRINKING GLASSES RISK FREE: Since your satisfaction is our top priority, these fancy glasses are backed by our 100% unconditional money back guarantee policy! Just in case you don’t simply love them. When you are done drinking, you can just toss them in the dishwasher and let it do the rest! Simple as that!

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