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First Botany Cosmeceuticals Rosemary Essential Oil Big 4 fl. oz. – 100% Pure & Natural Premium & Therapeutic Grade – Great for Hair Strengthening & Growth, Dandruff as well Pain Relief for Men and Women
Nice oil for acne ? I wanted this essential oil to use for my face. I’m trying to figure out the absolute best regimen for controlling my breakouts. Rosemary essential oil has a stronger smell to it… It really reminds me of tea tree oil in a lot of ways. The oil is a thinner oil, and it is clear. You want to be careful that this doesn’t get too close to your eyes. I’m sure that people use a carrier oil with it like they do other ones, but I don’t. I just apply it to my face. It doesn’t hurt my skin, but I’m not…

33 Books Co.: 33 Bottles Of Wine
Really Small, Pocket-Sized I picked this up as a secret Santa gift. It was for someone at work and I was thinking it was going to be more of a journal (I should have read the specs) either way, it is a pocket sized guide. The inside is pretty neat though. It included a template on each page for you to include the grape/varietal, winery, vintage, origin, price, rating, sampled (date I am guessing), a flavor wheel, which is really neat because you put dots on the wheel for many different things such as finish, nose, body,…

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