Meet a legendary member of the Edgy Wine family - our Wine Aerator Set!

GET YOUR HANDS all over our stunning red wine aerator designed to boost the flavors of every bottle of wine you drink. This unique, must-have wine tool was made to eliminate that pesky 15 minute or longer wait for your wine to breathe. Just pour your wine through this cool gadget after opening your bottle, and the wine flows right into your glass, instantly aerating and creating a better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish.

This wine aerator gift set arrives with loads of the best accessories:

o Our 360-degree multi-stage wine aerator diffuser with patented easy-to-clean design.
o A zero-drip rubber stand to avoid drips of your favorite drink in bad places.
o A great little strainer that sits on top of your aerator and filters cork pieces.
o A handy travel bag for drinking wine in the park, at a concert, or anwyhere.
o The legendary red gift box Edgy Wine is known for.

But this wine accessory is so much more. Walk in with this beautiful red box and turn heads at…

o Weddings
o Housewarming
o Birthdays
o Wine Hosting
o Parties
o Christmas

Or just give it as a gift ’cause you’re nice. Gift idea for…

o Stocking Stuffers
o Gift for Her or Him
o Wine Lovers
o Wine Drinkers

Every Edgy Wine product comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty so you buy once and that’s it – never again. ADD OUR AERATOR to your cart!

Product Features

  • THE WINE AERATOR WITH PIZAZZ – Introducing the legendary high-quality Edgy Wine(R) Aerator Gift Set. Our stunning, red wine aerator pourer is made of crystal-clear acrylic with a red metal ring. 100% dishwasher safe. Zero breaking, scratching, cloudiness or yellowing you’ll get with cheap aerators.
  • FAST, EASY, AND BODY-BUILDING – You will almost be able to hear your wine screaming for joy as it pours through your EDGY Wine aerator. With our fun, easy-to-use wine tool, you’ll eliminate the wait for your wine to breathe. To aerate, just pour your wine from the bottle into our aerator diffuser, and your wine breathes instantly while flowing into your glass. Forget the decanter or carafe.
  • NEW WINE ACCESSORIES ADDED – Accessories in the box include: a zero-drip stand, velvet travel pouch, cork filter, and of course the eye-pleasing Edgy Wine red gift box. A unique gift or party favor for all wine lovers and wine enthusiasts. Best gift idea for him or her for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, housewarming, wine hosting, parties, and more.
  • ADD UNIMAGINABLE FLAVOR TO WINE – Wine enthusiasts agree that when you open a bottle and expose your wine to much needed air, the flavors get refreshed. Without our aerator, the traditional process of breathing can take up to a couple hours. What wine lover wants to wait that long to drink wine? Save time and increase flavor.
  • 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE. Our aerator comes with our LIFETIME manufacturer warranty and hilarious after the sale service designed to put a smile on your face. 100% satisfaction rate from Amazon customers like you. Try our wine aerator today. ADD TO CART AND FALL IN LOVE.

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