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WineZiz Premium Quality Wine Aerator Pourer – Stylishly Crafted Wine Aerating with Leak Free Decanter Spout and Bottle Stopper – Aerates Drink Fast – Best Bar Gift Accessory for Wine-Lovers
I’m not a HUGE wine drinker so I don’t know about certain products and wasn’t sure if I needed a wine pourer but after talking to some of my avid wine drinking friends figured I would give it a try. This pourer def makes a difference the wine comes out a lot smoother in taste, I even tried it with a bottle of champagne and I thought maybe since it was taking the bubbles away it wouldn’t taste right but NOPE exactly the opposite. I was able to drink…

Wine Aerator & Spout Pourer by Bar Brat – Vastly Improve The Flavor of Red, White & Rose Wines | The Perfect Wine Decanter & Bar Gift Accessory
Good chiller with a nice design addition This wine chiller/aerator/pourer combo is similar to other brands with one design addition that improves a bit on the design. This chiller is stylish and well-made and comes in a nice box that would be good for giving as a gift. The chiller has a stainless steel chilling rod with a clear plastic (with a section made of silicone as a bottle stopper) aerator/pourer that screws into the steel chill stick. To use, you put the rod in the freezer for at…

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