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One of My Favorite Cabernets!

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Votech – Rubberized Hard Plastic Case for The New MacBook 12″ with ratina display (Red wine)
Prone to scratches

YAXXO Silicone Reusable Drinking Straws – For Juicing, Smoothies, Milkshakes, Bar Drinks (5-pack)
My 5 year old is obsessed with straws. We actually have a bag that has all our straws that go to our tumblers in it just so she can get a straw when she wants. But she has broken many of them, mainly because they are so old.I saw these straws and knew she would love them. She loves the bright colors of the straws and of course her favorite one is the purple. They are flexible and she loves to play with them before putting them in her drink. I know she isn't going to break…

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