Comment on BevHat Wine Glass Cover. Couples Pack (One 2-Pack / 2 BevHats Total). Keep The Bugs Out! by Tom Calle.

we liked them and found them on Amazon I haven’t been able to use my Bev Hat for the summer yet because made the purchase during the fall/winter season. However, I’m pleased with the Bev Hats because it covers my gigantic wine glass that holds a full bottle of wine (photo attached) on the fun side and regular glasses for water, tea, wine etc. on the serious side. Great quality craftsmanship that may last for years. I like the tight mesh because there’s no way for the tiniest bug can get into the glass from the top. Did not rate…

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Moleskine Moleskine Passion Hard Cover Wine Journal – Black
Great Little Wine Journal I reviewed many wine journals before I purchased this one for my wife. Most journals were divided into categories by varietal or type such as Champaign, Cabernet, Blush, and the like. Though this might be useful if you consumed every varietal on a regular basis, it did not make sense for us. We mostly drink red wine. Usually Pinot Noir, Burgundy, or Claret. Occasionally we have a high-end Cab. (Cabs must be excellent in our pantheon of wine or they are not worth drinking. Think Perseus to…

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