Tired of picking up a pile of shards after a party? You can’t find an ideal cups for the trip?

Alex Life brand offers to our customers unique unbreakable wine glasses. The original serving element for daily and comfortable bowls for beverages during picnics and travel. Steel cup will be an excellent decoration of the kitchen or an object for a still-life. The unique, authentic glass design will give your party a special tone. This set is perfect for wine lovers, thematic parties about the Middle Ages, fantasy worlds.

It will save you from the fear of breaking it or cutting yourself with broken glass. While you’re resting at the pool, don’t be afraid about the small fragments. When going on a hike, be sure that you won’t damage these glasses during transportation. Our glasses are durable and even more, because it protected by linen bags with drawstrings!

Elegant shape and first-class material!

The glasses are made of high quality stainless steel, the surface is smooth, and the shape of the cup is very ergonomic and elegant. The weight of a steel cup is almost the same as of a casual glass. The material is absolutely safe, doesn’t leave any aftertaste. Our glasses help to preserve wine cooling as long as possible, unlike ordinary glass glasses.

Stop thinking about an ideal gift, a set of steel glasses, it’s a thing just for you! We provide our glasses in decorative linen bags, which will save your cups from scratches as well as secure other objects from impact. It’s even better than any gift box, which you will throw out after unpacking. Our linen bags it’s authentic element for your interior. In addition, due to the tightening rope, they reliably protect your glasses from external factors, which is very important during trips or long hikes. Convenient gray bags are our concern for customers and a sign of excellent taste.

Product Features

  • UNBREAKABLE SET: No more cracks on your Stainless Steel Wine Glasses by Alex Life. Do not be afraid that stainless steel wine glasses will break and leave behind a pile of small pieces. The stainless steel wine glasses from Alex Life are absolutely safe and durable. Do not be afraid to break it, resting in the pool or on the lawn. Make a hiking on the beach under the moon with a stainless steel glass of delicious wine.
  • AUTHENTIC DESIGN: Wine glasses from the Alex Life brand is an unusual design and ergonomic shape. Revive the fairy tale in your house, arrange a real feast with wine bowls. A beautiful shine and metallic shade will not only decorate your dinner table, but will also become an excellent element of decor for your kitchen along with comfortable branded linen bags for storage.
  • EVERY HOST MUST HAVE: It doesn’t matter whether it’s a daily dinner, meeting with friends at a party or relaxing in the garden with a picnic – our stainless steel wine glasses will perfectly brighten up your evening and protect others from clumsy friends. Perhaps an important advantage of steel goblets is that they keep your beverage cold longer than glass.
  • TOP QUALITY: We provide a set of wine glasses produced from high quality stainless steel. The material is absolutely safe, has no aftertaste and can be perfectly cleaned in dishwashers. Our set of glasses will charm you with its smooth and curved shape, as well as comfort. Steel and linen fabric in the spirit of old traditions will add to your tasting of new shades.
  • GOOD GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION: To replace the old casual glasses, these unique cups will taste to every master. Make an unusual gift to your friends for a housewarming party or birthday. We provide it in decorative linen bags, which will not only secure your cups from scratches, but features a good looking view. Glasses from Alex Life it’s a quality, safety and a sign of good taste.

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