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Good for the price. I purchased this as a less expensive alternative to a MLM brand. It rated a 3 out of 10 on Skin Deep health factor; this is a major selling point for me as I only purchase items rated 3 or less. The color was a bit lighter than the package says. I was fine with that. Every skin color is different so it will look different on others. I put on 3 coats but it could go lighter with 2 coats. This lasts about 10 hours but begins to fade after about 6 hours on me. This is also dependent on your…

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EJ’s Wine Set: Wine Aerator Pourer, Wine Opener, Wine Saver Pump, and 2 Vacuum Bottle Stoppers | Wine Gift Set, Wine Preserver, Decanter Spout, Waiters Corkscrew – Premium Wine Accessories
This is my first time getting a set like this and I’m digging it!Aerator pourer works very well, and comes with a tube extension as well (pictured in box, far right). It’s also leakproof as accurately mentioned in the description.Waiter’s corkscrew is 4-in-1. The double-hinged fulcrum is great at opening bottles!One comment I have is that you have to pump the Saver Pump fast and not slow for it to work effectively. It works well otherwise!Other…

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