Trudeau Duo Tone Floral Wine Charms, Set of 12

Entertain in Style

A sure conversation starter for any get together! Charm guests with Trudeau’s delightful floral stem wraps. Inspired by nature, designed by Trudeau. The set includes a variety of 12 duo-tone flower charms, making it easy for guests not only to keep track of their glass but also allows personalization in a stylish and elegant way. Made from soft, silicone material, guests will not be distracted by any noisy ‘clinking’ against their glasses and when finished, charms can stay attached to the drinkware and placed directly into the dishwasher for an easy clean.

Entertaining and Gifting Tips by Trudeau
  • Already in a hang-able gift box, this is a perfect wedding, housewarming, or birthday add on gift! Simply tie onto a gift bag
  • Wrap this gift box around the neck of your host’s favorite wine bottle
  • Let your guests go home with a gifted wine/champagne glass with their own dedicated charm; they will never forget the celebration!
  • Beautiful enough to use as decoration
  • Similar design to Trudeau Set of 8 Silicone Multi-Use Tie Wraps, also found on Amazon (click here to view details)

Product Specifications
  1. The flower stems wrap around the glass stem and then poke through the flower
  2. They fit tightly on any wine glass and are easy to pull off when done
  3. Adjusts to all stemware; including both wine and cocktail drinkware
  4. 100% durable, silicone material
  5. Dishwasher safe
  6. Easy storage: tie all stems with one charm
  7. 5 year warranty

Inside Trudeau

Trudeau Corporation is a leading North American marketer and designer of innovative quality products dedicated to creating a unique experience in preparing and serving foods and beverages, at home and on-the-go. Built on four generations and nearly 125 years of family tradition and values, we are a leading global supplier of quality kitchenware and tabletop accessories. We take great pride in the products we develop and provide our customers; including these one of a kind, Floral Wine Charms. We hope you enjoy this product from Trudeau!

Product Features

  • Set of 12 wine charms
  • All silicone construction
  • Adjusts to all stemware
  • 12 Colors in 4 floral shapes
  • 5-Year warranty

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  1. Wow! I purchased these as a gift for a friend who’s just started organizing wine tasting events in her home (and surprisingly didn’t own any glass markers). I decided to open the box and check them for quality before gifting them to her.And oh my gosh these are SO cute, I’m tempted to keep them for myself! I love that they’re all different colors and styles of flowers (hopefully the uniqueness of each one will help people distinguish which glass is theirs more easily), they’re all one molded…

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