Spiegelau Style Series Red Wine Glasses – (Set of 4, 22.2 oz. capacity each)

The wine glass set that you sip your favorite red wines matters. With how much wine costs, having a glassware that really shows it off and makes it taste its best is what every red wine deserves. The Spiegelau Style Red Wine Glasses are carefully crafted with a modern design made to allow your red wine to breathe. This helps to enhance the wine by unlocking the aromatics and flavors that were locked away during its bottling. The large 22.2 oz. capacity allows the wine to sit low in crystal stemware, which allows for ultimate breathability. This glassware set includes 4 glasses, which is the perfect foundation every wine lover needs in order to enjoy sips with their favorite people. With exemplary construction, these red wine glasses are made to last. The sturdy construction and finish make these vessels certified dishwasher safe to make cleanup after a party or event simple. These glasses will shine just as bright as the day you bought them after running them through the dishwasher after each use. The modern design also helps them to match with your existing crystal glassware that you use with your wine collection. Adding four more high-quality wine glasses to your collection is a great way to expand your barware and to entertain all of the special people in your life. So, whether you are a wine expert, or just starting out on the journey to wine loving and tasting, enhance your wine experience with this amazing wine glass set.

Product Features

  • MODERN SPIEGELAU SHAPE – You want your wine to taste exquisitely, and this glassware delivers. The modern design allows for ultimate aromatics and flavor unlocking for that perfect flavor.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED – If you love wine, and love a lot of it, this crystal stemware comes in at a fantastic 22 oz. size. This size eliminates frequent refilling of your favorite wine.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – When it comes to wine glasses, Spiegelau is known for its craftsmanship and use of beautiful pure crystal in their Riedel wine glasses.
  • NON-LEADED CRYSTAL – Made with pure crystal, you don’t have to worry about lead leaching into your favorite red wine. The red wine glasses are dishwasher safe for easy clean up.
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA – For any of the wine lovers in your life, this wine glass set is the perfect gift to add to their collection. Once they have a Spiegelau glass, they will want nothing else.

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