101 Sangrias and Pitcher Drinks

“Welcome to the wonderful world of sangrias and punches, names that conjure up good times with great friends. Go get some wine, hit the local produce market, grab a few spirits and ice, and have at it. Enjoy!”
–From 101 Sangrias & Pitcher Drinks

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3 thoughts on “101 Sangrias and Pitcher Drinks

  1. Why only 75 pitcher drinks? First, the good–this book has 42 innovative and beautiful sangria recipes, along with some batched cocktails, seasonal punches, lemonades, etc. You could probably make just a few of these and justify the purchase price.Now, the not as good–in spite of the title, 25 of the recipes are inexplicably single-serving versions of mostly standard drinks (Mai tais, singapore slings, Pimm’s cup), for which recipes are already readily available. The reader is assumed to be near well-stocked…

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  2. I heard the author talk about this book on the radio a long time ago. I finally picked up a copy. Thumbing through this book made me so thirsty I couldn’t stand it. It’s winter…only blueberries are in season right now. I picked up all the necessary ingredients for the blueberry pomegranate sangria and mixed it up in a plastic pitcher (I didn’t have a glass or ceramic one at the time). I didn’t wait for it to rest and blend like I was supposed to. Just poured myself a glass right away…

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