Professionals believe that wine tasting is a skill and not some exact science. You see, when someone taste wine, their private decisions will affect how he or she perceives the flavour of the wine. According to studies, wine tasting involves the senses thus the opinion of the person who tasted the wine is rather subjective. Since the viewpoints of the members of a wine tasting circle may differ, the ratings that a wine gets in one country may different from the ratings that it may get in another country. Does this mean that wine tasting is an untrustworthy form of wine rating? Well, not particularly, the difference in the opinion of the wine tasters do present some kind of bewilderment at times but since many of us are called upon to rate the wine, the opinion of the majority wins in the end. If most of the wine tasters in a certain wine tasting circle recounted the wine is a 8 in the ten point scale, then that particular wine will be rated as a 8.

How Wine Tasting Started

Tasting the standard of the wine is a very old tradition. Way back in the olden times, folk who are adept at testing the quality of the wine are called on to taste the wine before it is served to the king or the emperor. The job of the wine taster is actually terribly important. Some kings and rulers are known to put to put to death the wine taster if the king does not like the wine served on his table. Since wine tasting is regarded as a particularly important job in the older times, a formal methodology of the making a sensory evaluation of the quality and flavour of the wine evolved in the 14th century. In this time, a methodology of ascertaining the standard of the wine was first established.

Since the 14th century, the art of making sensory of analysis of the standard of the wine have developed. {However ,} the foundations of determining the quality of the wine still remain. In our modern times, wine tasters still abide by the four well established points of tasting wines namely the appearance of the wine, the smell or the fragrance of the wine when put in the glass, the flavour of the wine when you drink it and the after flavour of the wine. The results of these stages or points of sensory analysis are mixed to come up with a more complex research into the flavour of the wine.

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