Are you thinking about making your own beer in the comfort of your house, but you are afraid of the cost that may be involved? Perhaps you think about the microbreweries in your neighborhood, and think about the vast equipment used to brew and store the beer. “For sure they went through a pile of money getting those machines,” you think.

The good news is, you don’t have to employ equipment similar to what the pros use to make a good quality beer. You might need to purchase some beer brewing supplies, but it will be well worth it after you find out how much cash you will be saving by making your own beer.

Beer is usually composed of fairly cheap elements to begin with, so buying the finest won’t hurt your wallet as much as you may believe. Do not throw away your time with beer brewing ingredients that aren’t fresh. Your brew will be a disappointment if you do.

Interestingly, the cheapest method to brew beer also offers you the best outcomes. All-grain brewing is the most inexpensive way to brew when grain is purchased in volume. You must have a mash tun and a grain mill, so there is a slight expenditure for the required equipment. However, you will likely be able to make high quality beer for less than $2 per gallon, and you could make a mild ale for as little as $1 per gallon, or under 10 cents per bottle.

One more way to reduce the cost of your brew is by cultivating your own hops. And you can reuse the yeast from the fermenter. Some people who brew their own beer pour a batch on top of the yeast cake left from the previous batch. Then they extract the yeast cake from the primary fermenter into bottles and store it in the refrigerator. This is very simple to do, and means that you merely have to shop for yeast two times annually. So all that is left to purchase is the grain, which is approximately 70 cents a pound when you buy it in bulk. People who make their own beer normally use between 8 to 10 pounds of grain for each 5 gallon batch.

Making your own beer is certainly feasible. The best news is that it can be both a fun and economical undertaking, and you will not need to exceed your budget in order to turn out a beer that you will enjoy. Don’t forget that beer is created from inexpensive ingredients, and then decide to shop for the finest ingredients you can acquire. In the end, your beer will only be as fine as the elements that you brew it with.

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