If you drink wine regularly, you may not be too concerned with wine bottle labels. You’re probably more concerned with the taste and quality of your drink than anything else.

Still, wine bottle labels can be fun, adding some character to what might otherwise appear to be a generic bottle of wine. If you’re a producer, these can often help to draw the eye to your products, and many will attest to the fact that marketing is just as integral in the world of wines as it is in any other industry.

Thanks to memorable labels, some wine companies have thrived as far as sales are concerned. Whether the wine inside is good or not is a separate issue that may vary by bottle, but the end result is the fact that people bought and remembered their wine.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more interesting wine labels on the market today. With tens of thousands of original wines out there, it would be very hard to cover them all, so surely I’ll miss some good ones.

The first wine bottle with a funny label that comes to mind is “Frog’s Piss” red wine, which comes from a French maker with an obvious sense of humor.

While it may not sound at all appealing for a drink, it definitely strikes itself as a memorable wine variety, and you can be sure that many will be curious enough to sample the wine themselves.

This next one has just as much to do with its name as it does with its label, but both are smart branding moves. The wine is called Marilyn Merlot, and the wine bottle labels each feature a different picture of Marilyn Monroe on them.

One could easily call this eye candy, to say the least!

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