One can save money on bar bills by home brewing. But like any good hobby, you are not going to be an expert from day one. Half the fun lies in learning about brewing and how and where to experiment with flavors and strengths. This is something that can only come with experience and trying to jump the gun and get started on advanced beer brewing techniques before you know the basics can lead to mistakes, money getting wasted and a loss of interest in the vocation.

Look upon home brewing as a journey with new and exciting stops along the way. With that in mind begin at the beginning and start with the basics. Luckily there is not too much theory involved so the beginning means starting off with home brewing starter equipment. That's all a person require to get started. Home brewing starter equipment consists of the bare bones of the process which is a good thing. The simpler the home brewing started equipment, the less chance of confusion and making mistakes and the greater the chance of making good beer.

It is possible to buy all the home brewing starter equipment you need piece by piece and perhaps save a little money. But to be sure that you are getting exactly what you need and that all the items work well with each other, buying home brewing starter equipment in the form of a complete set is the best option. Listed below are the important elements of a home brewing starter equipment set up. You will find "deluxe" and "superior" ready made sets of home brewing starter equipment which are larger and contain more than is listed below. You do not need the extras. Its better to start with the minimum home brewing starter equipment and then add to it as your knowledge and understanding of home brewing grows. That way you can be sure of getting exactly what you need to take your home brewing starter equipment to intermediate and then advanced levels.

Requirement Of The Home Brewing Starter Equipment

First of all you will need a 6.It is suggested to have a 5 gallon fermenter with a tight lid and an air lock. Next comes a 6.5 gallon bottling bucket with a spigot at the base for draining out the brew. These two items for the heart of your home brewing starter equipment set up. Next comes a bottle filler with a valve to prevent over filling and spillage. A siphon tube and bucket clip are important parts of your home brewing starter equipment. And finally you will need a thermometer and hydrometer and non toxic cleaning agents to clean the home brewing starter equipment.

Now you have all you need for brewing you will need equipment for bottling the beer. This involves buying home brewing bottles, caps and a bottle capper.

This completes your home brewing starter equipment and with this in place you are ready to start making beer.

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