Budget conscious buyers should look for the Avanti WC1500DSS thirty bottle built-in digital wine cooler . By purchasing built-in wine cooler from authorized wine dealers one is able to take advantage of Avanti's support warranty. Buying from non-authorized dealers will actually void the warranty.

Attractive Package Of Built-In Wine Cooler

The Avanti built-in wine cooler comes in an attractive package and its black colored cabinet and its glass door that is surrounded by stainless steel trim is attractive and sure to add to the look and feel of the space where you install this wine cooler.

This built-in wine cooler likewise includes digital controls that allow you to set the temperature for red and also white wines and its dual function electronic display makes it easy to monitor the cooler's temperature and with auto defrosting and interior fans and security lock it really is quite a useful built-in wine cooler.

If you have more cash to splash then think in terms of buying another and more expensive kind of built-in wine cooler option: U-Line Origins 1115WCB-00 Wine Captain twenty-four bottle wine cooler. This is a great built-in wine cooler that brings all of the convenience of owning personal wine cellars to your home and it can be set in any convenient location. In fact, this is one wine cooler that you want to have around your home, especially if you are someone that does a lot of entertaining at home.

This built-in wine cooler may be more expensive but it also provides additional benefits including the triple temperature zones that add a touch of much needed versatility to wine storage and it can easily house three distinct types of wines and do so at their best storage temperatures. It is large enough built-in wine cooler to house (with ease) as many as twenty-four bottles of wine which are stored away safely behind a glass door that is thermal tempered and wonderfully tinted to not only protect your wine from its biggest enemy - UV rays - but it also adds a touch of class to your interiors.

If you want to buy a truly effective wine bottlecooler then look no further than the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage chiller that is the answer to all your cooling needs. The Haier HVUE06B stores six bottles of wines and it also works silently and provides good cooling as well.

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