Most home brewers have at some time or another thought about trying their hand at all grain brewing. It's the next logical step in the home brewing process. But many of them never take the step because of uncertainties about the complications involved and the cost and complexity of all grain home brewing equipment. Those people will never understand what they are missing who are content with basic brewing. It's true that all grain beers are not to everyone's taste, but not trying it out means that your home brewing experience is incomplete. And the additional expense of all grain home brewing equipment is marginal, to say the least. So why not give it a try?

Basic All Grain Home Brewing Equipment

What is given here is the basic all grain home brewing equipment that you will need to make small 3 gallon batches. Much of the equipment will already be available with you and the balance all grain home brewing equipment can be easily procured with very little additional expenditure.

A five gallon brew pot with a tight lid.

An insulated water cooler of five gallons capacity

One long handled (at least 18 inches) large bowl spoon of either non corrosive metal or food grade plastic.

An eleven inch funnel, preferably made of plastic or non corrosive metal, for the carboy or glass jug.

A fine wire stainless steel fine mesh strainer with a handle

A five gallon glass jug (the carboy) for the secondary fermentation process. This should have a tight cap or top with an air lock.

A three gallon pot is required for the final fermentation and collection of the brew.

A log stemmed thermometer with calibration up to 220 degrees F.

A small nylon net of the kind used to clean fish tanks. These are found in many pet stores and hobby shops.

And finally you will need a strong cleaner to regularly sanitize your all grain home brewing equipment.

This is all you will need to start out with. Do not get confused by the specifications for advanced home brewing equipment which looks similar but may contain items that you do not need to complete you initial all grain home brewing equipment set up.

When looking at recipes to use with your all grain home brewing equipment, always keep in mind that most all grain brewers make beer in batches of five to six gallons. You will need to modify the quantities to suit the capacity of your three gallon all grain home brewing equipment limitations.

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