Brewing your own beer at home is a great hobby that can give you a great deal of pleasure both in the process of brewing and in the types and varieties of tastes and flavors you can achieve. And of course, it can cut down on your bar bills! While many people are interested in trying out the home brewing option, a lot of them are put off by the seemingly high cost of buying the home beer brewing equipment. The actual investment is not really very high and if you do not get taken in by the advertisement that include a lot of fancy home beer brewing equipment that you do not really need, setting up a home brewery can be quite economical. Let's look at the essential home beer brewing equipment that you really need.

The Essential Home Beer Brewing Equipment Checklist

What follows is a list of home beer brewing equipment that you must have to start off your brewing efforts. Once you gain in experience and confidence, you can add more home beer brewing equipment to your brewery to create different brews and flavors. It's safer for beginners to by a ready to use sets. While these sets often contain items that are not really needed, at least everything that is essential is included.

It is necessary to have a brew pot in every homemade brewing equipment. This should be made of either stainless steel, plastic or enamel coated with a capacity of at least 4 gallons which is the minimum brewing quantity. It is suggested to avoid aluminum brew pots since they give the beer a metallic taste.

The fermenter is a tub that holds the wort and yeast during the fermentation process. The most common type, and one that is included in all good home beer brewing equipment kits is made of plastic with an airtight lid which has a hole into which the airlock can be fitted. It is necessary to have a spout at the base it for filling the beer into bottles.

The airlock is a device that allows carbon dioxide to escape from the fermenter while preventing air from entering the container. This comes with a rubber stopper with a hole for the airlock to be tightly plugged in to the lid of the fermenter.

The brew spoon should be either stainless steel or plastic. Do not buy wooden ones as they are difficult to clean properly. The minimum size should be not less than 18 inches long.

You will need a long stem thermometer to allow you to check the temperature of the wort during the brewing.

A hydrometer is needed to check the brew's density which will tell you of its alcohol content.

With the above you have all the basic home beer brewing equipment you will need to make your own beer.

What you need next is home beer brewing equipment that allows you to store the beer you have made. These are available with bottles, bottle washers, a bottle filler, caps and a bottle capper.

You can buy lots more in the way of home beer brewing equipment, but with the above in place, you are all set to start doing your own brewing.

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