With the explosive growth of home brewing all over the world over the last few years, there has been a matching growth in the sale of home brewing equipment. Over the years home brewers have graduated onto more sophisticated equipment and brewing on larger scales and have sold off some of their old equipment. Due to this reason the used home brewing equipment market came into existence.

Buying used home brewing equipment is a great money saving option for the beginner or those who want to expand their home brewing capacity without spending a lot of money. But there are pitfalls here as well as advantages and a person buying used home brewing equipment needs to go into it with his eyes wide open. Always keep in mind that the technology of home brewing is not changing in any significant manner. As individuals are moving towards newer technologies so used home brewing equipment is not found. If you find any used home brewing equipment for sale on the grounds that the owner is upgrading to new technologies, be careful. He may be upgrading to better or larger equipment to improve the quality of his brews, but that is not a technological upgrade. It would be wise to check out used home brewing equipment very carefully before investing any money in it. More acceptable are those who sell their beer making equipment because they are upgrading their capacities. Most home brewers do this as they gain in experience and confidence and buying used home brewing equipment from these sources is relatively safer.

Having said that, it needs to be kept in mind that when buying used home brewing equipment not everything is safe to buy and what you can consider needs to be checked out very carefully. Used all grain home brewing equipment is a relatively safe buy since it often happens that people who venture into this field find it is not for them and soon sell off their equipment.

What Used Home Brewing Equipment You Can Consider

A brew pot is an item of used home brewing equipment you can buy. There is really nothing that can go wrong with the container. Check for cracks, leaks and rusting. In the case of enameled pots, look for chipped enamel. These could be reason why the present owner is selling!

A person should also check the fermenter of the used home brewing equipment. A person should watch the condition of the container. Also check the lid to make sure that it fits tightly and that the hole for the stopper that holds the airlock is not cracked around the edges. This could affect the seal of the fermenter and ruin the fermenting process.

The brew spoon is another item that can be bought as used home brewing equipment - nothing much can go wrong with it. One must be sure about it’s good condition.

Beyond these few items, buying used home brewing equipment is risky. Things like rubber hoses are cheap even when new so why risk buying something that may have unseen cracks and leaks? Thermometers and hydrometers lose their accuracy over time and buying these as part of your used home brewing equipment exercise could result in your readings being wrong and your brewing process being ruined.

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