Consumption of wine has been long associated with fitness benefits that can’t be had by any other alcoholic . Beer causes all kinds of health problems and is simply terrible news for your liver and your stomach. Brandy is certainly no better, but wine, wine is the precise opposite. It will essentially defend you from a few of the illnesses that you are predisposed to.

Heart protection has already been discussed in detail, and so have the antioxidants that are obtainable in red wine that inspire natural detoxifications to improve the body systems. What hasn’t been declared is the ability of the wine to reduce the threat of getting diabetes. With a regular glass, you do not have to worry about your blood sugar levels becoming troublesome in the future.

As far as cholesterol levels are concerned, wine drinking in moderation encourages the levels of high density lipoproteins to increase which is good cholesterol. However it lowers the levels of low density lipoproteins, the bad cholesterol which clogs the arterial walls thus increasing the blood pressure.

As far as your eyesight goes, that one glass a day ensures that you don’t become partially blind because of macula degeneration. With these discoveries, it’s fairly obvious that wine has this medical therapeutic side that cannot be overlooked. The only thing that is needed is self-control. If you can gather how to limit yourself to just one glass, then you’ve got it made. It is a fine line between needing the glass on a daily basis and wanting it.

Wine obsession has been talked about and you need to be certain that you don’t become affected. But when you have your set boundaries (a glass in a couple of days is sufficient too) then you can enjoy the pure pleasure of the drink in addition to the benefits it brings. Some of the most healthy individuals alive do incorporate an occasional glass into their regular routines.

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