Home brewing is rapidly gaining popularity as a great hobby that also results in substantial savings to the wallet. Beer and wine is prepared at home from a long time. History reveals that it has been practiced for over 7,000 years. In ancient times potable water was often hard to find and beer was often the only safe way to quench a thirst. While the availability of drinking water is no longer a problem, brewing ones own beer, for the fun of it, for the savings and for the unique taste that can be achieved is an expanding hobby and vocation all over the world.

A person can easily do brewing at home. It needs no special expertise and just some simple home brewing equipment. This hardware is available from specialized shops and if there are none near you, you can find and order home brewing equipment online. There are two basic options when buying home brewing equipment - buying a full ready to use kit or buying individual components and setting up the brewery to your own specifications. Since the components are matched and work well with each other in a complete home brewing equipment kit so the freshers should purchase this kit. Those with experience in home brewing could opt for buying individual parts to set up a home brewery that is tailored to produce the specific types of beer they are looking for. But this is a complex exercise and should only be undertaken by those with some experience in the field.

The Basic Home Brewing Equipment Configuration

It is important to by good quality home beer brewing equipment since once you get started, you will be using the equipment regularly and you don't want things that will give you trouble in a few months.

The heart of the home brewing equipment configuration is the fermenter. This is a large plastic container with a lid that holds the beers as it ferments. The minimum size should be not less than 6 gallons since brewing in smaller volumes is not really viable. The rest of the home brewing equipment consists of a brew pot, thermometer to check the temperature of the brew, a hydro meter for checking the density (or alcohol content) of the brew, a sediment reducer, an airlock for letting carbon dioxide escape while preventing air from entering and a large plastic spoon. This is the home brewing equipment you need to make the beer.

But once you make it, you need to store it and this needs some additional home brewing equipment in the form of bottles, caps, a bottle capper (for sealing the bottles) and a bottle tube for filling the bottles without overflows and wastage.

That takes care of your home brewing equipment hardware. The preparation of beer involves some ingredients. Individuals can buy them both in sets or individually. Once again, beginners should opt for the ready to use sets until such time as they are ready to experiment by using different materials. At the end it is necessary to have a good book or DVD on home brewing and the care of home brewing equipment.

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